Argentine Tango Lessons in Paris


tango lessons

Argentine Tango lessons of all levels in the 11th and 14th Arrondissements of Paris on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Learn authentic Argentine tango with the Bustelo sisters, Sol Bustelo and Mariana Bustelo, in courses which are rigorous from a technical viewpoint in a very open and friendly atmosphere.
You may come alone or with a partner, either way you can follow the tango courses as if you were in Buenos Aires. The tango lessons given in the 11th Arrondissement are 200 meters away from Nation metro station, that is next to the 12th and 20th Arrondissements of Paris as well, and very close to downtown Paris.


Start tango !

Starting Argentine Tango in Paris
Once every month on a Saturday from 2 pm until 5 pm, with the Bustelo sisters, discover Argentine Tango or learn the essential principles of this dance in an Initiation Tango Workshop in the eleven arrondissement in Paris. During 3 hours, in a convivial atmosphere, you will discover the tango danced at the “milongas”, its rules, its history… a real culture : the universe of the passionate Tango, subtle and sensual. It is never too late to learn Tango !


Tango Workshops

Workshops are addressed to regular students as well as to those who cannot follow regularly Argentine Tango Lessons in Paris. The objective of the workshops is to work intensely on a given theme, as is the case with initiation workshops to discover or rediscover the basics. Likewise, a Milonga Workshop once every month is aimed at making you discover or refocus on this dance. Also we propose intensive workshops of Argentine Tango, Argentine Waltz, a Trip to Buenos Aires. Learn authentic tango with the Bustelo sisters, in courses which are rigorous from a technical viewpoint in a very open and friendly atmosphere.


tango events in Paris

Events of Argentine Tango in which to dance and discover the different facets of this culture.

Practices which are exclusively for those who follow our Tango lessons as well as an open Practice of Argentine Tango in the Maison Argentine of the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris every third Wednesday of each month. And also Tango concerts, milongas, round tables on Argentine culture, conferences with Tango artists, immersion workshops and a cultural trip.


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